New products showcased at BETT 2017

by Muvizu_Admin in News

We are thrilled to announce our attendance for the second year running at the BETT Education Show. This year we will be showcasing two new products – Minimaker, our 3D printing app and Voxelise, 3D modeling made easy. This latest software simplifies the modeling process with little cubes called voxels.

Live demonstrations will be available at the stand (C401) and of course an opportunity to meet the team of developers and artists at Digimania.

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  1. Perez
    • Perez - Over a year ago
    • i bought this app and I need help with the key error W2 please unlock, anibody here? please help!
  2. jullieverma
    • jullieverma - 2 months ago
    • Great Post Such A nice Information Thanks.
  3. cassiedonnel
    • cassiedonnel - 2 days ago
    • I love your posts and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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