The Muvizu Animation Engine, the 3D animation software it powers and this Muvizu website are the ever-evolving creations of MESHMELLOW, a company based in Shanghai, China. MESHMELLOW is a team of award-winning developers, artists and animators. We love animation, and we think that it’s a great way to tell stories. We’re interested in changing the difficult, costly and time-consuming nature of animation; we want animation to be easy, quick and affordable.

Until recently, MESHMELLOW was part of DA Group which, way back in the last century, created the first virtual newsreader, Ananova. Many years later, with an eclectic mix of 3D projects done and dusted (including animated Shakespeare shorts for the BBC and a TV show series with Channel 4), the artists and developers started work on the Muvizu project.

Our 100-word spiel for industry shows and brochures describes our work thus:

China-based MESHMELLOW develops Muvizu 3D animation software, integrated with an online collaborative community, that gives individuals or groups the power of Unreal Engine 3 to create compelling videos in minutes, not months. You don’t need specialist kit or training, just a good idea and a compelling, funny, informative or charming story to tell.

We set out to create software that would allow anyone with decent hardware to create 3D animated videos. They wouldn't need expensive software and they wouldn't have to spend a few years in college learning animation - and then take further courses in modelling and rigging.

Along the way we’ve invented (and patented) a mood-based animation system and a beautifully simple technique of animating in passes. The Muvizu application comes pre-loaded with a vast library of models, characters, animations (not to mention sound effects) which you, as the director, choose and control - all the tedious work having been done by us. You create your film in a series of passes, adding and refining gestures, movements and sounds as you go.